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                News Center > Industry News >
                Electric bus lightweight, high strength, a major breakthrough in security (Figure)
                Date: 2017/11/30

                  From April 15 to April 17, 2016, the "2016 Tianjin International Buses, Buses and Parts Exhibition" was held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. The most attractive meeting of this meeting was the exhibition of Shandong Taiqi Investment Holding Co., Ltd. A new high-strength carbon fiber composite body bus, the car through the use of high-strength carbon fiber composite body for the car, with strong resistance and lightweight, at the same time, can quickly charge 40 minutes and 1 charge mileage up to 240km, Achieved zero emissions, pollution and other outstanding features.


                  From the television being shown more thrilling, wonderful picture: I saw a coach fixed on the rollover test bench, with the rollover angle increases, with a roar vehicle then side rollover on the ground, only See all broken glass, but the body did not see any distortion, tearing and deformation, especially in the top of the car 200kWh nearly two tons of batteries and boxes not only intact, still firmly fixed in the roof, the presence of all personnel Make a surprise call. At the scene, a staff member was hammering a piece of material that made the electric bus body with a sledgehammer. After the smashing, there was no deformation and rupture.

                  This is a new type of high-strength carbon fiber composite body, not only has a lightweight, more high-strength. This is the new brand new carbon fiber structural electric passenger car exhibited by Shandong Taifeng Electric Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd.


                  According to South Korean experts, the show car uses super-lightweight, high-strength composite body, compared to the same level of vehicle body weight reduction of about 2.5-3 tons. Due to its 25% -30% lighter body weight and 11-meter bus weight reduction of nearly 3 tons, the mileage of 240kW at the same 200kWh battery capacity is more than 20% of the domestic bus mileage , But also because the vehicle weight to reduce, making the remaining battery power in less than 25% of the circumstances can be normal driving.


                  As the car body with carbon fiber structure, the overall body with superior structural strength, high instantaneous impact resistance, it has good anti-roll performance, the roll angle up to 38 < or more, than the domestic car index optimization 20 % Or more; better rollover resistance due to higher roll angle.

                  Flame retardant isolation

                  Nearly two tons of battery box using the world's first roof mode, fully prove the body's high-strength performance; the same time as a result of the flame retardant technology, in the case of accidental combustion of the battery case, the battery compartment and body passenger area isolation and resistance Burning isolated, so will not endanger the passengers in the car.

                  Low floor

                  In the power transfer demonstration, through a dedicated top replacement with 45 seconds to end the power exchange. At the same time the car selection of low-floor structure (minimum distance from the ground 150mm), making passengers more convenient to get off, in the humane design with the disabled access to the car.

                  Super climbing ability

                  The car has a maximum speed of 85 km, 30% higher than the domestic car of the same type of high-speed performance; the same time, due to the weight reduction, reduce the center of gravity, making the vehicle driving stability, turning inertia and a series of driving performance has been greatly optimized And improve, especially the vehicle climbing performance with over 28 < climbing ability.

                  Meet international standards

                  In the case of vehicle weight reduction of 25%, all the performance of the vehicle has been greatly optimized and improved, making the car has unparalleled performance. It is learned that the car once listed, by Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the EU area of great interest and concern at the end of last year with Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation three car has passed the Japanese tests, put into operation.

                  According to experts, the company also developed a plug-in electric bus, battery automatic replacement, online electric plug-in bus technology, while the company developed a high-tech wheel motor, and through the use of high-strength carbon fiber composite body to achieve Lightweight, with zero emissions, pollution-free, 40 minutes fast charge, with excellent power consumption performance and significantly reduce the cost of operating a bus. And through the body's lightweight technology, improved driving safety and ride comfort, for the driver and passenger safety and convenience provided a meticulous care.

                  According to experts, the successful development of new high-strength carbon fiber composite materials in passenger cars will be a subversive revolution in passenger cars and even in the automotive industry as a whole new milestone in the automotive industry.

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